Salary and Welfare

• The company staff has the rights to enjoy the all kinds of national legal holidays and sick leave with salary in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
• The company possesses the rational and wholesome salary system, to pay the overtime cost to staff according to the national regulations, and establish the system of seniority bonus additionally for staff.
• The company will purchase the social insurances including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, commercially accident insurance, and pay the housing fund as stipulated in the company for every staff starting from the date of the employment.
• The company pays attention to humanities concern, and is equipped with a variety of incentive awards, such as project funds, year-end bonus, awards for outstanding teams, managers, employees, trainees, newcomers, etc. And the company will hold all kinds of celebration activities and distribute gifts on every occasion of all kinds of festivals, annual meeting, employees’ birthday and special anniversary.
• The company will supply comfortable accommodation environment to staff, such as the accommodation room within four persons, laundry room, washing room with air conditioner, TV and network to ensure the employee's life and entertainment after work.
• The company will offer working lunch with balanced nourishment and shuttle bus to staff and supply annual occupational health examination and bear the physical examination fee of new employees.

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