At present, the domestic chemical processing with serious pollution and high cost is in urgent need of industrial upgrading. Technology center devotes itself to develop the technology with energy conservation and environmental protection and pay attention to reduce pollution while raising production effectiveness so as to embody the responsibilities of the company to the environmental security.
By adhering to the idea of technology serving the production all the time, the R&D center solves various problems occurred in production and reduces the production cost through constantly technical innovation. The R&D center reduces the production cost by 10% and three waste discharges by 70% through the improvement of the existing technology of amantadine hydrochloride, main products of the company. In addition, the R&D center develops a new technology with more energy conservation and environmental protection in progress of pilot test, which can formally be replaced the existing technology in the near future so as to save cost and create more benefits for the company.
The research staff respectively served in international and domestic known R&D companies with years of abundant R&D and production experience in the R&D center can connect the R&D and production closely, to solve various problems occurred in production and apply the R&D achievement to production with innovativeness.
The combination with R&D center and pilot testing workshops can confirm the R&D direction quickly and precisely, and combine with the R&D and production at the first time.

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