Tianjin care lean public welfare foundation

Tianjin Care Lean Public Welfare Foundation


Carelean Company, changing sharing and multi-win from profit creation and accumulation and stepping towards social management from individual operation, is determined to develop public charity cause to pay back society and realize multiple objectives of improving enterprise image, establishing enterprise idea and improving employee quality. We advocate that each life should be respected and has the right to have happy life; we give selfless care, care life and health and help poverty group; we hope to jointly establish a love-filled society with the unremitting efforts of all caring people and us.
In future, Carelean Company will bear the strong social responsibility, energetically devote itself to public charity cause; we will establish Carelean Charity Foundation, donate to groups that need caring actually; moreover, we have complete plan of establishing a foundation. It is believed that Carelean will be seen in more public charity occasions; meanwhile, we call on people from all fields to carry forward public spirits, cooperate with this great project and promote the development of social cause; we eagerly look forward to more caring people paying attention to charity and donating to the poverty.
Benevolence outshines sun and moon and love is borderless. Loving cause of Carelean cause lasts…

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