Introduction of R & D Center


Tianjin Minxiang Biomedical Co., Ltd affiliated with Carelean Group is a high-tech enterprise concentrating on R&D, production, sale and service as integration of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and corresponding intermediates. The techniques developing department (hereinafter referred to as R&D center) was founded in 2005, which is equipped with advanced research and experimental facilities and precise analysis and test facilities, and the R&D and management teams with first-class industry background of medical chemistry and rich experience in R&D and management at home and abroad. The R&D includes several aspects, such as chemical synthesis, biological technology and others, and its range of products involves many medical fields.
The company continues to strengthen the R&D technology team with emphasis on the introduction, training, and incentive, and with the goal of promoting self-dependent innovation. The R&D center is exiting a talent team with young and high-quality technology, including 66.7% research personnel with bachelor degree and above, and 23.8% research personnel with master degree and above. The company continues to introduce the technical personnel with many years of experience in R&D and production to improve the overall R&D strength of the company, having establishing the combining mode of R&D, production and sale, with the market requirement leading R&D, R&D technology solving the production problems, and cooperated with many aspects, to promote the benign development of the company with R&D as the main body.
Now the R&D center owns the total area of laboratories and workshops with 3100㎡, including 500 ㎡ of R&D building which contains synthetic laboratory and kilo laboratory, 200㎡ of analysis rooms and 2400 ㎡ of production workshops. There are more than 40 sets of R&D laboratory instruments and testing instruments, including gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, high pressure reactors, rotary evaporators, etc, with the total value more than RMB 10 million. The pilot testing workshops are fully equipped and with clean area, which could undertake the production of combining projects, to satisfy the different requirements for customers, and realize the technique development and production.
The company pays high attention to the R&D center with increasing investment. We believe that with the continuous development of the company, the R&D center will make more progress, provide for the company with new products meeting the needs of the markets continuously, and supply the customers with more standard of production services and technology supports. We welcome new and regular customers warmly to our company to site-visit, communicate and cooperate.

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